The Diary of Dussel


Thursday, 12 November, 1942
Dear Journal,
Blasted fools!!! They want me to go into hiding with them without closing up my business first! I\'m not one to leave loose ends!! Give me time people! I wish I didn\'t even have to leave. Why didn\'t I go with my wife and son? We probably could have managed it somehow? Now I\'m forced to hide like a frightened child! Why, If I had an army, no one would know the name "Hitler."
While I was walking today I thought I was being followed by the German Police, and was prepared to run for my life. Block after block, they were only 10 meters behind me. Finally, they arrived at there destination and paid no attention to me.
I am dreading the morrow. I will have to begin to end friendships and tighten loose ties.
It\'s all the Nazi\'s fault. The idiot\'s don\'t even know what they\'re doing? They hate me just because I\'m Jewish! They could hate me because I\'m old and senile! But because I\'m Jewish? That\'s the stupidest thing I\'ve ever heard. Back in my days, there were Jewish communities and......... I suppose I\'m just babbling now, like the old man I am.
-Yours, Dussel

Tuesday, 17 November, 1942
Dear Journal,
I have arrived at my new home, "The Secret Annexe." It is a dreadfully small place with many restrictions. However, I was very suprised that the secret annexe was here. You could not tell if you were standing outside the building, or in the building for that matter. Whoever thought of this place was genius, I\'m quite sure I\'ll be very safe here.
I made a little sketch of this place from the outside:
Definently not what you would think to be a secret hiding place.
The Van Daans(which is the same name Anne calls them, so I decided to use it also) presented me with a rather comical "PROSPECTUS AND GUIDE TO THE \'SECRET ANNEXE." It explained all the rules and such for this place.
The downside is I have to share a room with the youngest girl, Anne. She is quite a chatter-box. Also, we cannot use the rest room for the whole day..we must wait till evening to use it. So, when I finally get in there, I stay for a while.
I guess I should describe the people to you. The Franks are the first family, in it is Mr. and Mrs. Frank and their daughters, Margot and Anne. The other family is the Van Daans, which is Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, and their son, Peter. More later.
-Yours, Dussel

Tuesday, 22 December, 1942
Dear Journal,
Sorry I have not written lately, but there is not many exciting things going on, I do lead a dreary, dismal life.
Anne is so annoying, why if I were her father, I would have turned up her rear-side many times! She shows off! She\'s ridiculous, rude, sly, lazy, selfish, cowardly, crafty, etc., etc.
She thinks she is perfect. Every single night, all I hear from her is tossing and turning in bed. So much tossing and turning that I repeatedly have to call out "ssh-ssh". Was this annoying child raised like this?
Mrs. Van Daan is also rather bothersome. She is in bed with a bruised rig, complains the whole day long, allows herself to be given fresh dressings all the time, and isn\'t satisfied with anything! She is self-centered and superficial. However, myself being the newest here, I cannot say anything out-loud, because people might think me rude and unthankful. Furthermore, I must keep my mouth shut to keep the peace in this house. Who knows what would happen if we started fighting amongst ourselves, why, it would be a complete and total disaster!
However, the rest of the household is tolerable and some, rather pleasant. For instance, Peter, the Van Daan boy, introduced me to his cat, Mouschi, who loves to be petted and purrs loudly when you do so.
Good news, everyone will receive an extra quarter-pound of butter for Christmas! Everyone went and baked something, so the "Secret Annexe" is full of wonderful smells
such as cakes and biscuits. At least something good happens around here,

Wednesday, 10 March, 1943
Dear Journal,
We had a short circuit last evening. Some of the women