The Culture War is Really a Culture Circus

ENG 310

On March 8, 2004 Time magazine published the article "The culture is really a culture circus". This article caught my attention because it talks about how everyone perceive culture in different way. The author of the article Joe Klein, went to watch the movie the passion and his first perception of the place was that many African Americans and Latinos were watching the movie. He assumed that most people who believe that this really happened were either African Americans or Latinos.

Consequently, this article reflects the culture war as been a culture circus only because this is the perception that the author have given t the article. By Mr. Klein visiting the movie theater and assuming that everyone who was there was religious and most of the religious people are African American or Latinos he was using selective perception. Selective perception is "that because there are too many stimuli impinging on your senses at the same time, you ‘ allow only selected information through perceptual screen to our conscious mind’". (Page 47)

I believe that the way we perceive culture as we know varies from one culture to the other. Unfortunately, to know how to perceive or being accepted by another culture before we screw up, it is very hard, so what we have to do is to be culture sensitive at all the times so that we do not become clown of the culture circus.