The Crucible

In the late 1600’s, about twenty-three people were killed for not sharing life’s opinions with the Massachusetts government. We agree with Arthur Miller’s intent for writing The Crucible. He tried to enlighten the public about the McCarthy era, and he correlated the Salem Witch Trials to the outlandish finger pointing at communists. He also kept his morals, values, and he did not compromise his friendships. Miller was a loyal person but he still had and shared his strong opinions.

For instance, Miller wrote The Crucible to clear up thoughts about communism. He provided a new perspective of the on goings of the world. Miller showed the irony of what a communist is as to what it is perceived to be. Under a communist government, everyone agrees with the government, where as in the United States in the 1950’s, communists were considered to be people who disagreed with the government. By explaining this, he was trying to release the public’s fear of communists.

Consider the fact that Miller wrote about such a short and confined event in history. Yet, this small event held great bearing on what was occurring in Miller’s era. Miller was trying to show the link between the Salem Witch Trials and the Red Scare. Most of the educated people of the 1950’s knew about the Salem trials and thought they were ridiculous. Miller showed a connection between the accusations against individuals in each time period. During the 1600’s Salem was in panic, and back then the United States was paranoid about communism. He also was aiming to illustrate that communists were as much of threat as witches were in Salem; and that was no threat at all.

Likewise, Miller was able to keep his morals and values. He didn’t turn against his friends by naming them, but he still got his point across. His point was that the world needs to check itself and realize that fear was taking over people life. Miller wrote from his soul and was true to himself and his values. He wrote instead of causing physical problems and condemning his friends.

Hence, we agree with Arthur Miller’s intent for writing The Crucible. One reason he wrote was to explain the current state of the world in a rational, unique, understandable way. He also tried to show the connections between the Salem Witch Trails and the Red Scare. Miller was true to himself and his morals. All Miller wanted was to have communism to be understood. Now that the Red Scare is over, do you think that communism is fully understood?