The Crucible: The Characters in The Crucible

The Crucible was a story with a wide range of caractors. Not only
appearance wise but, with different personalities a together. Many caracteurs in
this play thought differently from one and other. That is why this book had a
few "twists and turns" to the story. In my profiles, I will display many
different caracteurs and theirs\' different mentality.

First I will start with Mr. John Proctor, a.k.a. "shoulder checker".
John Proctor had always things on his mind. People were always on his mind. John
Proctor was always looking out for his mistakes or errors, not because he was
picky, but his ennemis and competion were. John Proctor was always think out the
final result of a situation, like when Betty was "spritually repossed" early in
the book (Act I, pages 6-12). John Proctor did not care about as Betty as much
as the final opinion that the town would have on Proctor\'s "white and pure" name.

Much can be said about Proctor\'s giving and understanding, but I don\'t
want to waste that line. Proctor\'s carring and willing to give people thinks was
not his best feature. Proctor was always thing about him, himself and no one
else, except the final outcome of the whole situation. Take for exaple the
fellow that wanted to get some tree off Proctor\'s land. Even though Proctor had
probably no knowlage of the trees on his land, he still wanted a peice of the
pie. Proctor wanted always money. He was money hungry and cheap.

Basicly Proctor was a would be if he could be. Proctor was always trying
to fit into the high class crowd, flash his powere and money on the middle class
or poorer people, but when Proctor was around people like Hale (Hale was a well
educated and he stood up for things kind of guy) Proctor would try to act up to
his class but he couldn\'t really beacause inside he really knew he couldn\'t.

Then the one life ending, marriage destroying fault that Proctor would
ever do was he sleept with Abigail. That action right there would kill Proctor
not physically (yet) but mentally threw the novel it honted him and later .. his
wife. The perfect exemple was when John Proctor\'s wife, Elizabeth and Mr.
Proctor were approched by Hale. John Proctor was asked if he could name the
seven commandents (Act ][, page #65). John Proctor (with Elizabeth by his side)
was able to name them all except the most crusal one, for John Proctor, Adultery.
With Elizabeth knowing all the information before hand, she was totally
convinced that John Proctor was indeed guilty of comitting the sin of Adultry
with Abigail Williams.

I think John Proctor did change towards the end of the play because of
he mood and situtation that he was in. At the end (Act ]I[) John Proctor was
being excuted and he trully did love his wife. His moods and heart changed to
tell Elizabeth how he really felt about her. John really did love her. John
Proctor\'s aditude really did change form me, myself and I, to who is in need the
most besides me.

The next caracteur I will talk about is Abigail Williams. Abigail was
the sour apple of the bunch in this book, she really could not help it because
of the it is hard to be a sweet apple when the roots and tree you came form was
sour. Abigail was an orphan and all. She used her body to get things or people
she wanted to.

Even though Abigail was almost an adult, by many she was still basicly
treeted like a child, to be seen but not to be heerd. This was the aditude in
all the town for children.

I think Abigail\'s most interresting feature is that she lies through
thick and thin. At the end of Act ]I[ Abigail (under oth) was lying threw her
teeth because he wanted to save her own butt. The point is Abigail dosn\'t care
to whom she is lying. It could be a judge or even Proctor it really didn\'t make
a difference to her as long as she was able to save herself. The way some times
she lies was quite entertainning. In Act ]I[, Abigail thought there was a bird
on the ceilling and was doing a good job convincing every one else that there
was to. The reason Abigail did this again was to make everyone beleive that she
was physco.

Abigail was able many times