The Creation of the Universe

This paper will go over the creation of the universe. There are many
theories about this issue. I will briefly summarize a few of them, and then
give whatever evidence is available for or against each.
There are many theories regarding the creation of the universe, for
example, there is an ancient Egyptian legend that says that Osiris Khepera
created himself out of a dark, boundless ocean called "Nu". Then out of this
ocean, he created the universe. I will be writing about these theories: The Big
Bang theory is what most people believe, also there is a theory called "Steady
State", which is the opposite of the Big Bang theory. There is the theory of an
"Oscillating Universe", which is sort of a compromise between the Big Bang
theory, and the Steady State theory. There is also the religious theory, in
which God created everything.
There are a lot of different theories regarding the creation of the
universe. It is a very controversial topic, because most theories don\'t follow
the story of Genesis in the bible. There is the "Big Bang" theory, the "Steady
State" theory, and the religious theory. The theory that best explains
creation is the Big Bang theory,

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