The Columbine Massacre

English Period 6


Extra Credit

On April 20, 1999 two teenagers entered their newly revamped Littleton, Colorado high school armed to the tee with shotguns, a Tec-D9, a Carbine assault rifle, and dozens of home-made bombs. With minds full of hate, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold engaged in the most deadly U.S school shooting of all time.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were two kids with normal troubles. They weren’t accepted by most students. Jocks would tease them and throw rocks at their bikes when they rode home. They found refuge in the “Trench coat mafia”, a group of Goths, a group of people who dress in dark clothing and wear white face paint and or black lipstick, who idolized Adolph Hitler. The Trench coat mafia would wear long black trench coats with swastikas on them. “They were into Nazi’s…” stated one student. They would use such phrases as “Seig Heil!” and “Heil Hitler!” It wasn\'t a coincidence that the killings coincided with Adolph Hitler’s 110th birthday.

There were many warning signs before the April 20th shootings. The Columbine incident could have been prevented. Eric Harris was a very unique individual. He had a very mature view of the world around him. He wasn\'t afraid to speak his mind, even in his essays. The first red flag was thrown up as Harris would turn in very graphic essays for school projects. The school called a meeting with the Harris’ but no action was taken further than the conference. Harris and best friend Dylan Klebold, who was a very intelligent person, broke into a van and stole four hundred dollars worth of electronics. The two were convicted of petty theft, and sentenced to community service. Their probation officers gave them glowing reports and the sentence was cut short and they were released of community service duties. Shortly after, a boy named Brooks Brown found death threats against him on Harris’ AOL web page. Browns’ parents downloaded 18 pages from Harris’ site and showed them to police. No action was taken and none of the Browns’ calls were ever returned.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had an arsenal of dangerous weapons. Eric armed with a Shotgun, and a Carbine 9mm. Klebold armed himself with an Intratec AB-10 or Tec 9, a sawed off shotgun, and a hand full of explosives. The Carbine 9mm was bought by Klebold’s girlfriend, though when interrogated by police she had no idea what the guns were for. When Harris and Klebold entered a gun shop, the owner willingly sold the Tec-9 and the shotguns to them knowing that they were underage. The two went to a forest near their school. Harris and Klebold videotaped their practice run of their weapons. Dressed in their trademark trench coats, they shot at bowling pins and trees practicing for their date with death in a couple weeks. The owner of the store and Klebold’s girlfriend were present in the home made video.

The stage was set; Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had had enough. No more of the teasing. In Harris’ suicide note he states “All of the families, who think VoDKa and I just randomly killed their child, wake up! It’s not like that. They brought this on themselves.” Harris and Klebold were about to raid the school with guns and bombs and kill many. Harris and Klebold hoped for thousands of deaths. The two boys rigged their cars with bombs and jogged over to a park across the street from the school. There, they got dressed and strapped their guns on and made sure everything was right. Then it began.

Klebold enters the cafeteria with a large duffel bag. The contents of it were a large propane bomb. The cafeteria is flooded with students by the time Klebold enters. He sets down the duffel bag among the sea of other backpacks. Klebold then walks out causally. The propane bomb has a timer on it to explode when the cafeteria is estimated to be packed with students. Harris and Klebold meet up on the west side of the school. A small bomb explodes on the other side of the school. This is a diversion from the main act of the day. Klebold and Harris enter the hallways of the school. The first