The China Syndrome

The China Syndrome is about a nuclear power plant in Los Angeles,
California. The Ventanna Nuclear Power Plant came close to the China Syndrome! A
Channel 3 news reporter, Kimberly Wells, and her camera man, Richard Adams,
captured an accident on film at the nuclear power plant that would have caused
the China Syndrome. The China Syndrome could have killed off a place about the
size of Pennsylvania. One of the head operators of the company, Jack Godell,
talked to Kimberly Wells at a company gathering. Jack told Kimberly that there
was just a turbine trip. Kimberly and her camera man went to Jack Godell\'s house
and confronted him about the evidence. The camera man asked Jack to speak
publicly about the accident. On the way to a Nuclear Power convention there was
a car following Jack. Jack went to the Ventanna Nuclear Power Plant to hide from
the people following him. After arriving, Jack went to the control room to find
that the people running the plant were making a big mistake. He saw the people
raising the power back up to 100%. He tried to explain that there could be
another accident if they raised the power all the way because of a problem with
the pumps. The people didn\'t believe Jack and were starting to raise the power
up again. When Jack saw what they were doing he grabbed the security officer\'s
gun and forced everyone out of the control room. After he locked the door he
lowered the power down to 75% so the pumps wouldn\'t break.
Jack agreed to have a one on one interview with Kimberly so the public
would be warned. While the camera crew was on their way to do the live interview
so was the S.W.A.T. team to get Jack out of the room. Also the people running
the plant and who didn\'t believe Jack were up to something too. The operators
were rerunning the wires to make a false accident that would distract Jack. The
distraction would make it easier for the S.W.A.T. team to get inside the control
room. The camera crew arrived and Kimberly went into the room where Jack was to
do the interview. As soon as the interview started the operators tripped the
alarm. Jack started to panic. The S.W.A.T. team broke in and shot Jack because
he had a gun in his hand. After everything was over Jack said he could feel
another accident coming. About five seconds later the room began to shake and
the second accident started. The back up systems held up and there wasn\'t a
China Syndrome. On the way out some of the people inside were saying nothing
happened. Kimberly got in front of the camera and explained what happened. One
of the head operators was stopped by Kimberly on his way out. He said Jack was
not crazy, like everyone said, and there will be an investigation on the
Ventanna Nuclear Power Plant.

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