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Business Policy

What is’s business model? Does its business model seem well matched to industry conditions and the Tribune Company’s resource strengths and competitive strengths? Is the business model capable of earning a respectable profits?

The business model for the is a great one in fact it has made them an innovator in the internet news industry. They do this by always staying on top of the ever-changing internet community and making sure they have a competitive product. By the experience that they carry over the years they have learned to buy or invest in other companies to make them more affective sort of like a outsourced R&D.

With the Tribunes history of innovation and in fact being the oldest newspaper in the U.S. they should be the leader in the internet revolution but, stay with the core values of the standard paper. With the influence of Yahoos and AOLs of the world this has made it a tough market to get a firm foot in. I believe the company by setting up a branch of the paper to work specifically with internet news is using its resources wisely. They also can certainly compete with any other internet news companies and have the deep pockets to do so.

The business model is still uncertain that it can make a respectable profit. With the decline in sales of standard newspaper over the last couple of years has made it a essential for the company to make up the difference. The internet is a huge communication tool and the Tribune knows this and being of the front lines will only profit them in the future.

How has Tribune Interactive utilized strategic alliances, joint ventures and investments to develop and strengthen its Internet capabilities?

What Tribune Interactive has done is something that has gone on for years and is really what has put them at the elite class that they are in. Tribune has used companies like AOL, Excite and Ivillage has a glorified form of R&D. They has put money into these companies so that in return the Tribune can “learn the internet” and truly understand what the customers want. AOL for example is as good an advertiser as there is and the Tribune has taken some of their ideas and made them gold for their own company. It literally was like a “case study” for them and allows them to be even more self-sufficient now.

What are the key success factors for Internet news providers? How well does the perform these activities? Do these key success factors vary from competencies needed by e-commerce retailers?

The key for Internet news providers is to post real-time and a keep story more to the facts. This is because you are only have a few seconds with someone in front of their computer than with a standard newspaper in hand. The Tribune has done a great job of this and by having more sources than their competitors it gives them an extreme advantage. With most Internet news providers they must find new and effective ways to make money i.e. most real estate listings have their own sites.”. I believe this is different from other e-commerce business because you are not selling a product. In order to make a profit the Tribune knows it must have extremely strong advertising and put a premium on good accurate news coverage.