The Catcher in The Rye

Hey Holden, my name is Rob Upton. I\'m 16, we used to go to school together at Whooton remember? I used to be on the fencing team with you as well. I flunked out of Whooton as well, I\'m planning to try to get into another school though.

Everyone in my family is mad at me because i flunked out, its a real drag. Your not the only one with problems man.

I think I might just hang in the city for a while while I figure some stuff out. I have a bit of cash with me so I can just stay in a hotel for a while, I\'ll give you a buzz some time and maybe we can hang out or something.

Holden, friend you have a problem. You can find a problem about everyone and you automatically don\'t like them because of just that one problem. Like when you got in a fight with Stradlater. The truth is everyone has flaws and you have to learn to live with them.

I think if you learn to like people for their good qualities and relax a bit you might cure this problem.

Anyways be cool man. Don\'t do stupid stuff, even if its really tempting.