The birth of creativity!

As creativity came into the world, there was a long loud shriek of inspiration mixed with thousands of thoughts.

Once upon a time there lived a small girl, she was the first of a new generation. This generation would change the way people live, people love and most of all, the way people think.

The small child, whom they called Crea, was different, in many ways, to the other people in her small village. The child came to the village from nature, some say she was the child of mother earth, others say she was just a lost baby, but myth has it, that Crea was creativity.

Deep into the forest a little girl sits, her thoughts were lifeless; her thoughts had no-soul. She would lye, stare at the clouds, and see a cloud, no imagination, straight and forward was her mind. On a humid summer day the sat in the shade of a large oak tree, the sun sneaked its way through the forest, to find her. She felt its unbearable rays shining down on her, at a drop of an instant the weather went cold, and a gust of wind shivered down her spine. The moment passes and the heat returned, confused, the little child began a new trail of thought. She started to question to wonder. Confused she lay and gazed at the ever passing clouds.

Her mind began to see different objects in the sky, not just clouds, she began to create trees, animals and many things with something she named an imagination. She used this tool to create, she concluded that when she used this so called imagination, it is vital to use it with inspiration, this she called creativity. The ‘creat’ was from creation and create while ‘ivity’ was vital inspiration.

The small child called herself Crea or to some creativity. Crea started to explore, go on adventures, creating her own world using her tools of creativity. On one of her many adventures, she stumbled upon a village, the people of the village were strange to Crea, for they had no interest in them, they were boring to her, and yet she was so curious to know about them. The villagers adopted the strange girl, to them she was a sign from nature, from mother earth. Crea came to them to influence them, to inspire them, and most importantly, to teach them how to use the amazing tool of creativity.

As time progressed the hard tool of creativity became easier to use, it began to be a regular trail of thought. Inspiration became easier to find. Creativity became a habit to think creatively.

So as the myth goes, creativity came about from a gust of wind, it came naturally to the young child

It came from inspiration mixed with thousands of thoughts!