The biography of the Pythogoreas

Pythagoreas was known as the first true mathmsatician. He was famously adored and know for the pathagorean theorem stating that A*+B*=C*(SEE PAGE 3 IN BOOK REPORT). He was also a teacher, a religous man, and a philosopher. Most of the theories and equations he had founded was known by the Babylonians and the Greeks but he was able to prove it in such a way that it is correct and is use to find answers to modern problems to this date.

Each number had its own personality - masculine or feminine, perfect or incomplete, beautiful or ugly. This feeling modern mathematics has deliberately eliminated, but we still find overtones of it in fiction and poetry. Ten was the very best number: it contained in itself the first four integers - one, two, three, and four [1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10] - and these written in dot notation formed a perfect triangle. *From sources

Basically pythagoreas was a great man he studied hard and achieved the greatest standards in his date. He included many equations and theories in his work and contributed to the studies of many mathmatical studies such as geometry. The pathagorean theorem was so important because it is used in many of our outside of school experiences such as being a cheese cutter if you want to cut that really fancy triangle cheese you have to know that all the sides are even. Without pythagoreas we wouldnt be smart as we are today. Thank you Pythagoreas!

*Pythagoreas is spelled in many ways but the way i spelled it is from the website on the sources page*