The “Big Patatoe”

It was not an ordinary morning for me. I had left my green cofee on the table and went on preparing my luggage. I had never been successful on preparing luggages. Everything became necessary when I started to prapare them. It was the same again. Cabbage camera, laser casettes, compaq module disks, meal pills, super-sonic first aid kit, extra torium baterries, special Jupiter cofee cream and swiss multi-media pocket knife. I was always aware of the truth that I would never use most of them during my travel, but It became as an illness, I could not do without any of them. I sipped my green cofee again and finally locked my luggage. Then I was ready for the journey that I had been growing impatient for a long time.

The park was not so far away from my house but my load was too heavy for an average person to carry. Morrison, the Jupiterian doorkeeper, took them to the enterance of the building. He was always kind to me as a doorkeeper. He took my keys and went to get my hover car. After he placed my load to the baggage, I gave him 5 earth dollars and he thanked for my generosity. I sat to my “water-educated” leather coated seat, fastened my “cucumber-powered” seatbelts and took a deep breath. I started the “ultra-mega-turbo” motor and inserted a laser casette from oldies. I was on the road at last.

I was then on the road of Clamortown. The pessimistic voice of Mark Plettony was echoing on my car’s new cleaned “ultra-violet” windows. Road was straight ahead and the only thing you had to do was to hold the “remote-control” steering wheel stable to drive my dark blue hover car. My mind was swimming in the pool of the memories of the past. The face of Dorothy – my old snow white - , the shape of the big enterance door, the smell coming out of the kitchen, even the music on the radio: “Planc on the river”. All these took my mind from the reality of that time and took to the surreality of the past. I was becoming melancholy and impatient at the same time. I said to myself : “Hold on planetteswille, I am coming”.

I parked my car near a huge space truck in front of the “Intercosmic Fred’s place”. It was a small café. After a 10 hours driving a rest had been a must for me. I ordered tiny “milkyway frog” cookies and a cup of blue cofee. I was feeling lucky that I had not forgotten to bring my special Jupiter cofee mate. The taste of the cookies made me remember Dorothy’s arm cakes. She had been cooking delicious cookies.

It was getting dark when I saw “Welcome to Planetteswille” sign. I had a strange feeling at that time. I couldn’t believe, I was very near to my grandmother Dorothy’s farm “Space monkey” after 20 years. For 10 years, all the summer holidays I had been there. I could say that all my childhood passed there, and all my good memories too. Could I lean on that excitement? I didn’t think so. It’s better to wait until morning. I drove to the first motel I had seen, left my baggages in the hover car and rented a non-vibrating room. I had to have a sleep, it would be a hard morning to me…

I woke up with the terrible voice of my plutonium alarm clock. I had a light breakfast and set off. My heart was strange that day. It was beating faster than ever. I turned the big Neptune holy plane and the silhouette of the “Big Patatoe” shined by the light of the bright sun. Two minutes later I was standing in front of the big gate of the farm. I didn’t know if I had ever become that excited. The “Big Patatoe”, the “Satellite Cows”, the “Coop Chicken Hole” and the “Love Dog Rock”… All were there and same as I remembered. I took a step into the farm, walked slowly through “Big Patatoe”, came near the three step stair. The second step of this stair was broken.