The Bernie Mac Show

The Bernie Mac Show is about a wealthy African American professional who raises an assortment of cute children and wears colorful sweaters. But, Bernie Mac lets you know right from the start, he\'s nothing like Bill Cosby. In the first scene of the show\'s debut, Bernie is reclined in a leather armchair, puffing away at a huge cigar, before turning to face the camera and declare, "I\'m gonna kill one of them kids." Cliff Huxtable, he is not. Bernie believes in raising kids the old school way, with tuff love. Unlike the Cosbyís, Bernie Mac displays Freuds theory that id is the structure of personality that consist of instincts, which are an individuals reservoir of psychic energy.

The show is about a rich comedian who has adopted his drug addicted sistersí children to raise. The children range from age 12 to 5. The oldest child who is a girl, has had the responsibility of taking care of her two younger siblings. So at an early age she was thrust into a situation that caused her to miss an important part of her childhood. Bernie Macsí interaction with her is sometimes ruff, because now instead of her having the sole responsibility of taking care of her siblings, that responsibility is now on Bernie Mac. Mac seems to use Eriksons theory of development, through each of the childrens experiences, no matter how bad it seems, or how bad he makes it, he always turns it into a positive learning adventure. His tuff love method causes the kids to confront whatever crisis that is going on, and successfully resolve it. The show is hilarious in nature, but everyone canít be a Bill Cosby, and therefore comes Bernie Mac.

The Psychoanalytical Theories that this show portraits, is that early experiences play a roll in a childís development, displayed by the oldest girl Vanessa. Her mother being on drugs prompted her to act mature at an early age. The family relationship that is now taking place will without a doubt not only have an influence on her, but also the two younger children. Although using his old school method of child rearing, Bernie Mac genuinely loves the kids, and thatís the message that they get in the end.