The Beauty of Snow

Snowflakes have six sides and all have a different design on them. Snow
flakes are clear but get a white color from light that is shining off the
crystals. Snow is a mystery to many people but after you look at it you will be
more enlightened about snow. Snow is a form of precipitation that consists of
tiny pieces of frozen water bonded together. Snowfall varies tremendously across
the earth. It falls all the time in the polar regions but it occurs more heavily
in the mountainous regions. Snow even falls by the equator on certain high
mountain tops.
The beauty of snow is that you can do many things with it. You can ski
on it, sled on it, or just have a snowball fight. The beauty of snow is
appreciated by some and hated by a few others. We must remember that snow is
only around for a short while till spring comes and the temperatures rise above
thirty two degrees Fahrenheit. When that day in the spring comes then all of
that wet beautiful cold fun stuff becomes just plain old water again.

Category: Social Issues