The Beach
A place that really makes me feel alive is going to the beach on a sunny day with friends having fun.

The sun heating up our faces while we run and throw each other in the water has everyone feeling cool. The wind breezing through our clothes makes us cold once more. Then the crushing of the waves from the shoreline makes me feel alive and well.

My number one reason is the warm and crisp sun for its versatility. This trait is what makes one feel hot but yet energized at the same time when the water splashes everywhere. I sometimes even think that the energy I’m given can mean something in life itself.

Secondly, the sweet breeze of the mid-day air is calming to all. This brings along thoughts of happiness as well as laughter. Though I’m cold at the same time I also feel good being surrounded by my peers.

My final reason is the waves from the ocean that makes me feel so alive. The crushing of the water at the shorelines commencement is something to see. I always love to watch them as they come about.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that a sunny day at the beach with my friends is what makes me feel alive. All the reasons listed above all have meaning to why I feel as though I do about this particular place.