The Beach

The waves are crashing. The sun is setting. People are laughing and
embracing under the sunset. I feel the sand squish slowly through my toes
as I gaily walk down the shoreline of the Outer Banks. My all time favorite
place to be is the beach. The weather at the beach is the most quarreling
of all places in the world. One minute you are relaxing lazily on the sandy
seashore reading a most invigorating book. I sit engrossed and allow the
foamy mist from the rampant ocean spray your face lightly as though it was
the touch of a feather. Off in the distance the sun begins to set in a
sleepy unhurried fashion. It is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.
The colors swirl together in a muddled mass across the sky. Crash! Flash!
The sky turns wild. Lightning hurls itself across what was once the tame
uncaring heaven.
Thunder booms while the atmosphere relieves itself of unwanted moisture. A
violent explosion of heavenly emotion has replaced my peaceful evening. What
could be more exciting than living in a place where your plans could be
intruded upon so abrasively by a cause you cannot control?
Sand castle building is the most enjoyable and childish activity available
to people over the age of ten. Building sand castles is a very creative
process. First, I have to decide what type of architecture I am going to
construct my castle around. The architecture can be old-fashioned,
contemporary, or even imaginary. Next, I must mix gritty sand together with
foamy water in order to form a very reliable cement. The grainy sand mixes
perfectly with the salty water. The gluey substance formed is untouchable by
any marketed adhesive. Finally, the time for construction has come. I
smooth, pile, pound, and shape my massive sand castle into perfection. Now
that I have my fortress, I need to find the ideal shells and driftwood to
add the finishing touches. With glistening and shimmering shells as windows,
my castle stands out among all the others on the beach. The search for the
ideal driftwood has paid off tenfold; a selective driftwood bridge that
doesn\'t allow foes to pass carefully protects my castle. With work and
creativity, my sand fortress will be the best on the shore.
A wide variety of sports is played on the beach. There is nothing like a
nail biting, sand eating, and net crashing game of paddleball. Injury isn\'t
thought of while on the beach because there is a bed of pillowy soft sand to
land on. Everyone plays hard and tries their best. Competition is the most
fun when it is against friends. No one really cares who wins. The
environment allows me to relax and enjoy the game. Another great activity is
windsurfing. Skimming along the top of the calm glassy water at high speeds
is a claming experience. Crashing into the water at high speeds, however, is
not calming at all.
What is your favorite place? Think about it for a while. Give it careful
thought. As you are sitting in your cozy home watching the sunset and
pondering my question, think about my favorite place. Think about the beach.

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