The Battle for Cuba

The battle for Cuba began on June 1st 1898, when the United States found the Spanish Caribbean fleet in the harbor of Santiago de Cuba. Never the less U.S. troops needed to land nearby. The U.S. navy being more powerful than the Spanish made it safe for troops to land.

On June 22nd the U.S. troops moved to a position to capture the hill at Santiago at which main Spanish forces were staying. Later the main U.S. attacked and captured San Juan Hill. After San Juan Hill was captured the Rough Riders and the ninth and tenth Cavalries captured Kettle Hill.

The battle of Santiago was led by Colonel Leonard Wood and Theodore Roosevelt. “The Rough Riders” were fighting in this battle. They landed in Cuba on June 22nd and at the very beginning they had already lost 8 men and 34 had gotten wounded.

On June 30th the American troops crossed the San Juan River and attacked San Juan Hill. Roosevelt and the “Rough Riders” attacked San Juan Hill on horses. From the battle the Spanish abandoned that hill. At the end 205 Americans and 215 Spanish lost their lives.

July 3rd the U.S. killed 474 Spaniards and the American troops also captured 1,750 enemy soldiers. The Spanish commander wanted to break the U.S. “blockade, but he failed because the U.S. has stronger ships and better weapons. Even though the U.S. was stronger they also lost some men.

On July 17th General Toral surrendered Santiago, Guantanamo, and other sites at his command. Then U.S. troops invaded Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico also surrendered. On August 12, 1898 a peace treaty was signed between Spain and the U.S. The U.S. placed Puerto Rico, Guam, Cuba, and the Philippines under U.S. control.