The Basic Structure Of An Essay


The structure of an essay is very basic, and with a simple outline an essay is very easy to write. There a many different kinds of essay that you can write, but they follow the same simple structure. Every essay consists of a beginning, middle, and an end, and within these parts of the essay are many more important parts. Essays are full of topic sentences, thesis’, and supporting sentences. There are many different parts to an essay but they all coincide with one another and they all follow the same structure.

The beginning of an essay is called the introduction. In the introduction you should always state what your topic is, and then give a brief description of what your whole essay is about. In the introduction you should always state your thesis as well. A thesis is basically just a sentence gives your opinion on the topic. It doesn’t have to be true and nobody has to agree with it, it’s just your opinion.

The middle of the essay is called the “body.” The body of the essay should support what your thesis you stated in your introduction. This portion of the essay is very important because it explains your introduction in more detail. Each new paragraph in the body of the essay should always start with a topic sentence. A topic sentence is a sentence at the beginning of each new paragraph that explains what the topic of your next paragraph is going to be. The rest of the paragraph should support what you have written in your topic sentence. These sentences are called supporting sentences. Supporting sentences do just what they say they do,


they support the topic sentences. These sentences can also be called primary or secondary sentences.

At the end of every good essay is an ending. The end of an essay is the conclusion. In this portion of the essay you get all of the information that you wrote about and sum it all up in one paragraph. The conclusion should also begin with a topic sentence and follow the same guidelines as the body of the sentence. The conclusion should start with a topic sentence. Following the topic sentence should be a few supporting sentences. Also in your conclusion you should restate the thesis you wrote in the introduction.

After learning all of the parts of an essay, it should be fairly easy to write one. All you have to do is just break it down into the threee basic parts, and follow the essay structure. Now the only hard part left is coming up with a topic to write about.