The Ballpark

Everybody should go to a baseball game, because there is an unlimited amount of entertainment inside of the stadium. You havenít lived a complete life unless you go and visit the ballpark. Most people would say that they can get a better view of the game from their couch, but they are missing out on the atmosphere of the stadium. There is a countless number of things that make it that much more fun. I have been to four different ballparks and I am dying to go to more. Every time you walk into a new stadium itís kind of like buying a new car. It is awesome. Of course the one thing that everybody wants to do is catch a foul ball. Youíre not always lucky enough for that to happen though. Fans are what make the game so fun. With out a home crowd your team is not always as successful. For example, The Chicago Cubís fans really made the difference in the National League Championship Series. Also, the Cubís are a prime example of the historical part of baseball stadiums. Wrigley Field is one of the oldest parks in the game of baseball. So many good players like, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and Andre Dawson played at the infamous Wrigley Field. That is what makes it so much more fun to go to. Even though the ballpark may be expensive, Mouth watering concessions, crazy fans, and having one hell of a time with your family and friends is priceless.