The Assembly Line & Henry Ford

Ford\'s Assembly Line By Travis Mooney Humanities
Period 6 Mr. Kuntz March 24, 1998 Mooney1 Ford\'s
Assembly Line The assembly line has changed the world as
drastically as it has been changed by the world since it
began. It brought people together to work as a group
toward all achieving the same goal. Henry Ford was only
aiming to bring cars into the homes of the average citizen
when he made the most significant to the assembly line
since its inventor, Eli Whitney. Henry Ford not only
achieved this goal, but his legacy is still carried on today.
Assembly lines of cars as well as many other househo
appliances have helped shape the twenty-first century. The
assembly line has brought together many workers together
to work only on their specific part of a car, therefore
building them much faster. This is done using many separate
steps. First, the parts of the car are made, and the frame is
placed on a conveyor belt. Workers are stationed along the
belt to form an assembly line. As the conveyor belt moves
the car, each worker performs a task that they are
specialized in. Each worker must perform their task quickly
and precisely, because f one worker stops, the entire line
will have to either slow down or stop completely to wait.
The modern assembly line as we know it would not exist
without the contributions of Henry Ford. Ford was born in
1863. In 1903, at the age of forty, he founded Ford Motor
Company. He Mooney 2 began the use of the car
assembly line that is now commonplace by using it to build
the famed model-T in 1908. When Ford began putting the
mass-produced cars on the market, they could offer their
cars for so much less than their competition that the co
etition had to upgrade the features of their cars drastically
just to compete. Eventually, other car companies also
began to use assembly lines. Ford began to falter and was
passed in sales by Oldsmobile in 1927. Ford had to come
up with a new sales pitch in time to avert disaster. Later
that same year, Ford began rolling the model-A off of their
assembly lines. The automobile age had begun, and there
was a car parked in front of almost every home in the
post-depression United States. In conclusion, the
automobile assembly line helped launch the US into the
twentieth century. The assembly line has made a profound
impact on not only the United States, but on the entire
world. It has brought not only cars, but electric appliances
and many other products into the homes of people who
otherwise could never have afforded them. The operation
of the assembly line has also been changed profoundly by
the world. It is now being operated by machines and
computers, or be power by solar energy. The assembly line
is now enabling factories to make new types of technology.
These technologies change the world. The change in the
world alters Mooney 3 the operation of the assembly line,
and the assembly line again enables factories to make new
types of technology. This forms a cycle of continuous
technological advances, which will continue as long as the
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