The Alchemist
I have originally chosen a different book to read, but as I began reading it I felt it was hard for me to comprehend many of the words. So, I thought it would be easier for me since I am in the process of learning English and this would have been the first book I read in English. To choose a book I have already read and like in Spanish but in English this time. The alchemist is a book I enjoyed very much when I read it probably 5 years ago in a completely different language, so reading it again in a different language made it be as if it was my first time reading the book.
I am currently on page 63 of 167, in the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. To this point on my lecture I have learned the purpose of the main character. I don't know his name yet because so far in the book, he has been referred to as "the boy" or "the shepherd." This is the story of this young man in search of his life dream, or has the old King called his "Personal Legend." The boy starts a journey to go towards his dream, to find this treasure he kept on dreaming about, on the way he had to deal with some difficulties. These difficulties taught him new things, and he saw how all of what was happening to him had a reason and an outcome to help him reach his dream, while learning new things.
So far there have been many elements that caught my attention, I wish I had the time to just read it all at once, because this story is so compelling that I just want to know what is going to happen next. I enjoy reading this story because of the tone of the author and how he cares to narrate the story, in a way that you feel like you are present in that place at that moment. There is a part in the story where the boy feels the winds coming from Africa on his face, and he talks about the smell the wind bring with it. As you read this it is almost like you can feel the wind on your face.
I am a firm believer that everything you put out into the universe, you get back in return. So, let's say for example if you do bad things to others, bad things will come to you. In the other hand if you pay it forward, do well and act with kindness you will get that in return as well. That is why I relate so much to a passage in the book that so far it has been mention a few times. "And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it"- Pag22. This is simple; I kind of relate this to what I began by saying about doing well so you can receive the same in return. It is basically what the author is telling us or well telling the boy in the story I should say. If you really want something, and you do everything possible to achieve it, the universe itself will help you get what your heart desires.
I would lie if I say I disagree on something so far into the story. I have really enjoyed what I have read; I think it is easy to read and follow. I believe the story makes you be in the shoes of this boy, wanting to follow his dream. Everyone, at least once in their life time wanted to do something crazy, something different a dream that not all had the courage to follow. So, this book talks about that, it tells you the journey of this boy in quest of his treasure.
Where I am in the book right now makes me have many questions because not really being half through it makes me wonder a couple of things. First, is the boy going to be able to arrive to Egypt or is he just going to go back to Spain and be a shepherd and marry the merchant's daughter?