1) The testes of the male and the ovaries of a female are probably two of the most vital organs needed when trying to reproduce. There are both similarities and obvious differences between the two.

The male testes are about two to three inches long and hang externally between the legs of a male. There are two testes and they both have the same role when trying to reproduce. The testes produce sperm around the age when a boy starts to enter puberty and will continue to produce sperm until the later years of his life.

The testes are very sensitive, tight shorts and quick to the testes and even some medications can affect a males sperm count. The testes release millions of tiny developed sperm in every ejaculate. Complications can occur within the testes that can hinder the male’s health and chances for reproduction such as testicular cancer.

The female’s ovaries are located inside the women. The ovaries are somewhat the same size of the testes. Like the testes, the ovaries produce a very important ingredient needed when trying to have babies. Unlike the testes, the ovaries release about one egg in every ovulation, compared to the millions that the testes produce. The ovaries like the testes are very sensitive, so things may affect them. Ovaries can also get cancer just like the testes.

In conclusion the testes and the ovaries are both alike and different in many ways, but both very important when trying to have a child.