Teenagers are old enough to take responsibilities for their actions

With the development of the modern society, more attention should be paid to the actions of adolescents by families and society as a whole. Knowing well that our future is in the hands of the next generation, we should think hard about whether or not teenagers are old enough to take responsibilities for their own actions. My opinion is that they are not able to handle themselves maturely and are still unable to take responsibilities for their actions.

First of all I would like to talk about it through the main problem which will appear when the teenagers are growing up. As we all know, growing up is complex, especially in a society with different cultural background. I think this is the major issue in the novel, "Looking for Alibrandi" A realistic view is presented through the eyes of a seventeen-year old Italian girl, Josephine. Josephine is like many teenagers that have learned from their mistakes. This is the long road that everybody faces while growing up while earning how to become an adult you will face many different responsibilities and every teenager has to deal with these issues. Once they pass a certain age, different responsibilities will have to be dealt with. Taking care of yourself is necessary before you can begin to help others. Most teenagers have to know what they want. According to "Looking for Alibrandi", Josephine had trouble taking her responsibilities seriously. For example, a school captain on school “sports day”, Josephine was suppose to look after a group of students, but instead of carrying our her duties she went to the city with her friends. Her goal in life was to become a lawyer and after getting a scholarship she tried everything to get good marks. However, she did not know how to be mature in front of adults. She kept proving that she was immature by the way she acted with her parents, Sister Gregory, her grandmother and her boyfriend. By the end of the novel, Josephine reflects on the way she has acted throughout the year and why she has acted that way.

Secondly, I want to talk about how the teenagers handle their destiny and how weak they really are. Now suicide is giving up on life and we could see from newspapers and magazines around the world that is happening everyday among. Some teenagers cannot handle the pressure of what they have to live for.Thus, they take their own lives. Is this action legal ? In the novel Josephine’s friend, John Barton is one of those people. This made her realise that life is important and that her troubles were small as they can be wasily resolved with the help and support of friends and family around her. John didn’t have support and helpful friends or family. His life was set out for him by his family, and even his friends didn’t see the signs of his depression. The only way he really felt free was to die where no one could control him.

Someone may say that the teenagers should take their responsbilities, cause they have to face what they have done, whatever they have done they have to face and deal with the results, but no others else. In fact, that is correct in my opinion and I agree with that everybody should face and could not escape what they have done. But there is a problem that the teenagers are not able to take their responsbilities, because their could are not able to think carefully and could not be cool everytime. We could see from the novel ‘Looking for Alibrandi’. Josephine is a very common example who did not think carefully before she is going to do something like hit someone’s nose and then called her father later. Obviously, she could not deal with it and could not take this responsibility like other teenagers.

What if teenagers are not old enough to take responsibilities for their actions? What could they do and what are their rights? Now I want to introduce what is CROC. CROC is a United Nations agreement that sets out the rights of all the children and young people of