Taking A Stand

It was a boring day at Showalter Middle School. The rain came down in a warm drizzle. Patrick was reading his bible in his least favorite class, Mr. Hurt’s. All of a sudden Mrs. Jennings, the student teacher yanked the bible out of his hands.

“You can’t read this at school!” yelled Mrs. Jennings, “ It is not appropriate!”

“ I can read it if I want to,” explained Patrick.

“He is reading a bible, you should put him in jail, joked Toun.

Patrick was shoved in the back of a small cop car and taken to jail without giving him a chance to say his side of the story. They searched his locker for any other religious items. They also took his necklace with Jesus on it.

Later the next week Patrick went on trial. He did not have a lawyer, and they wouldn’t give him one. Out of nowhere Toun came into the courtroom and spoke briefly with the judge. “ I will be Patrick’s lawyer,” remarked Toun

“ Do you have any experience?” asked Judge Harry Pitts.

“ No, but I think I can win this case” replied Toun.

“Court is now in session!” boomed the Judge. Mrs. Jennings called Patrick to the stand. Patrick was put under oath. “ I, Patrick Dunne do solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God.” Patrick Stated.

“ He said the ‘G’ word again, throw him back in jail!” Suggested Mrs. Jennings.