Taiwanese Christmas

Taiwanese Christmas was vary near Taiwanese new year, so also they celebrate new year and Christmas together. They celebrate Christmas use many different color of light on the building and trees, and they also have Christmas trees and santaclaus, about santaclaus, to tell the truth the man was very thin, but they will put a lot of cloth or some stuff in the santaclauses cloth, so it will looks big and fat. He will take a big bag and put some gift and red envelope, in the envelope is about 10dollors, and the gift is about bells and decorations. And they have firework on December 25th, the place will infront of the important building. And on December 31th, they will have a very big place to get together, the time will be about 11:30, and when the time is 11:59, they will count like 5 4 3 2 1, and the firework started, and they will have dessert around that place.

Finnish celebratd Christmas in their homes. They start celebrated Christmas around 19th century, Christmas dinner starts with lots of gravlax and assorted caviares and soused herring things that are MUCH better, and this is washed down with schnapps that has just been removed from the freezer. Their dinner in Christmas always is Alongside the usual vegetables and salads.

In Sweden, Christmas is the longest and biggest of the holliday around the year. The schools are closed for a couple of weeks and they children has an holliday. The height of the celebration is Christmas Eve, the 24th of December, followed by the two hollidays Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Christmas festivities involves numerous traditional activities and attributes, the most important of which are the Christmas tree, the Christmas meal and the visit of the tomte. sweden introduced is from germany, the Christmas tree has been a part of Christmas in Sweden since the 1700s. It was not until the present century that the custom became general. And the Christmas was from Sweden also.