ďIs it a bird? Is it a plane? No. Itís Superman.Ē Arguably one of the most popular Superheroes of our time. Made famous by his red cape and the jocks-over-pants look, Superman boasts incredible physical powers, eliminating crime, and filling up the Metropolis jails with thugs and other such hoodlums. But besides his mighty influence in comic books, movies, and T.V Shows, Superman holds some authority over the real world too.

Supermanís Powers are essential to his power and authority over people. Without them, heíll just be some weakling reporter chasing around the Ďbaddiesí waving around a stick and throwing empty soft drink cans. (Maybe full oneís if theyíve been naughty enough.) Needless to say, Superman wouldnít be so super without his powers. The most helpful of his powers would be his strength. Superman can even lift spaceships, (which he did so in 1986.) The first ever display of Supermanís strength was in 1969, where a baby Superman lifted up a pick-up truck with his bare hands. Strength gives Superman unquestionable power; enabling him to defeat most criminals. The most recognised of Supermanís powers is his ability to fly. And boy can he fly Ė not just fly; but fast. Letís calculate this. Superman can fly from Metropolis to Japan in just under 10 seconds; which means Superman flies at 4 000 000 metres per second. So if he can fly fast, he can probably run fast too? Of course. Superman can run so fast he looks invisible. Using this power, he successfully protected people at naval yard from an explosion, by running around the people so fast, the effects of the explosion couldnít get through. And you just canít be an all over Super-man without Super-Ears. Superman has the ability to hear an ant take a footstep from over 1609.34 km away. Superman can even hear the radio without a radio on, (he listens to the radio waves,) and can trace a phone call through the phone wires. (By listening to it obviously.) Superman uses these powers mainly to listen to the cries of innocent old ladies getting their purse snatched. Superman also has Super-sight. He has X-Ray abilities, Microscopic vision, IR vision, radar vision, infrared vision and telescopic vision. Super-breath is also one of Supermanís many powers. Superman can blow out major fires with a single breath. (Love to see what he does to his poor birthday cake.) He is pretty handy when he inhales as well. When one of his villains, (the Toyman,) was trying to make a getaway on his rocket-powered hobbyhorse, Superman brought him right back to earth with a good breath in. And finally, the most important of all his powers; is his power of invulnerability. Bullets canít penetrate him, they just bounce off. Knives shatter when they hit his body, no fire can burn him. Superman was once hovering by the rim of the sun, with temperatures into the billions of degrees Celsius, and wasnít harmed.

It is with Supermanís physical abilities, (or Super-abilities,) that give Superman his power.

As well as being extremely powerful in the physical sense. (Which helps him to defeat criminals, arch enemies, and such,) Superman also possesses a lot of authority. You see; Superman isnít a violent man. He only does what is necessary to make sure that the individual(s) are punished by the full extent of the law and sent to prison. Superman works very close with the police force, and the police are seen as authoritive figures in society. The same goes with Superman. He is like the Constable Care of Superheroes. Take this for an example. Superman is flying around Metropolis when he sees little Billy terrorising Olí Moeís favourite cat. What does Superman do? Does he tackle little Billy 10 metres into the ground, rips him in two and throw him into oblivion? Of course not. Since Superman is already an authoritive figure, just the sight of him makes little Billy stop throwing rocks at the poor feline, and a small chat about whatís right and wrong makes Billy stop attacking animals for the rest of his life. But on a serious note. Just the sight of Superman makes criminals stop in their tracks. It is very rarely that criminals put up a