Super Trooper

Super Trooper is one of the greatest comedies I have ever seen. I recommend everyone to watch it. This movie is hilarious and funny. This movie starts with state troopers pulling three teenagers who do drugs. The funny thing is that the trooper did not immediately pull the boys over; they played with the boys by passing them then backing up in the middle of the highway and then pulled them over. Normally, we think of police officers as being serious and polite, but in this movie, the officers are not serious and polite. This depicted officers as similar to civilians. They too like things that are funny. As a whole, this movie is funny in three ways: this movie is comical in the words they use, it is funny because the things they do and it is funny because it is very imaginative. With the above fact, this is the ultimate movie.

The first reason I think this movie is funny is because the language used is hysterical. In the movie, words like Farva, Prunejob, bearf__ker etc just makes people want to laugh. With in the movie, people call each other names. For example, Officer Farva was the radioman; so all other officers just call him radio. He distastes being called this name. There is also a scene when officer Farva went to get some fast food. The cashier asked him what would he like to eat. He ordered a double bacon cheeseburger and wanted a Liter of Cola. Everyone knows there is no such thing as a Liter of Cola in fast food. They are mostly 12 oz or 24oz. Another example is that when officer brought the German couple back to station and watch the animation with them. They called the animation “Afghanimation.” All these little details in the way they said the word and the sounds they use of the word makes people laugh. They called their dark colored comrade Prunejob to make the audience relate dark skin color to working in the field. They also make everything the chief say sound very serious. Moreover, when they are behind the chief they make fun of him.

Not only is the language funny, the event is funnier. The beginning of the movie like mentioned in the first paragraph, the officers are like kids. They toy with the criminals. The kids with loitering drugs out of their car and the officers drive back and forth to play with them. Then out of the nowhere, a crazy officer in a white Miata drive extremely fast passing the arresting officer and screams at them to go and chase after him. After a long and tedious chase, the arresting officer found out it was their comrade and they all have a drink in a wood hut. This is the funny because to normal civilians, things like this shouldn’t be done by police officers. Another event is when officer Farva drinking his liter of cola. There was a prize sticker people have to pull open to see what they won. The one for officer Farva was empty, so when he pulled it open, the cola spilled out and flushed all over him. Then he went over back to the cashier and beat him up. The next funny thing was the reason Farva was the radioman. Officer Farva on an assignment to rescue a broken down school bus was beaten by a bunch of school children. He in turn beat a bunch of school kids. This was video taped and released on TV.

Also mentioned above the part when the state trooper try to waste the city cops time, one of them was trying to have sex with a stuffed grizzly bear. The city cop had to go out and rescue him. The yelled bear f__ker are you o.k. ? This part of the movie showed the creatively of the producer. This is just outrageously funny. How could anyone think of that? Other creative acts were the way the producer makes police officers like children.

As a whole, I think this is the best movie I have ever watched and I hope everyone can go and watch it.