Disagreeable or spoiled? You decide!

I was sitting with a friend of mine and we were wondering what we should do
this weekend. She wanted to go the mall and I wanted to go to the movies. We
debated for hours and hours and still we couldn\'t decide. As the conversation
went on, she kept pushing her idea and she made seem like her way was the only
way. She would not compromise; all she wanted was to get her way. Have you ever
been in a similar situation with some one who only thinks their way is right, no
matter what the other person opinion is? You would call them disagreeable
people, and those tactics includes confronting, ignoring, or comprising with the
difficult person.

There are different ways to approach disagreeable people. One can chose
physical confrontation, which may results in violence.

You can also use your verbal abilities, they can be expressed by rising you
voice, by simply talking in a calm tone, but this may not always get your point
across. You may also write your feeling towards the matter at hand, and give it
to the person. This technique may work the best. This way you can say what you
feel and the other person can tell you how they feel. Using this method no one
can get hurt and self-esteems will not go down. There are more ways you can help
disagreeable people correct their ways.

Do you know there are more ways to deal with disagreeable people? By not
acknowledging their presents, avoiding them or you can use conversation
stoppers. These are types of ways you can ignore a disagreeable person. The cold
shoulder is a good technique. This will send a sign to the person that you do
not want to talk to, or interact with them Another technique that may work is
avoiding them. This may cause a problem the person may think you are giving them
attitude and may want to act aggressively. The person may think you are afraid
of them. On the other hand this may work in your benefit. There are many
different types of ways you can avoid someone. You can change your daily
activities if it involves them. You can also not attend group gatherings, if
that particular person will be attending it. Conversation stoppers are another
way to ignore the person. This will immediately send the message that you do not
want to hold a conversation with that person. The most affective way to deal
with disagreeable people is the simplest thing.

When you compromise with someone, both of you gets a part of what you two
were disagreeing on. This is called a win-win situation. In this type of
situation one of you could become very infuriated when you are doing the other
persons activity. This would be the best way to stop a major disagreement from

When dealing with disagreeable people you must choose the way you want to
confront them. There are many ways mentioned to help you deal with these types
of people. When there is a conflict at hand, stop and see the different ways you
can deal with them.

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