Study on the effects of violence

PSYC 102 Section 17

April 17, 2004

Homework #5

The study I would conduct would be one to see how violence in the home affects children, specifically how they interact with society and deal with problems. I would first study a group of kindergarteners from varying ethnic backgrounds, economic backgrounds and neighborhoods. I would separate the children in to two groups. Group A would be the children who said that they saw violence on a regular basis in their homes (ie sibling fighting, domestic violence, if they received spankings, etc) the second group would be those children that said they rarely/or have never seen violence in their homes, each group would have 7 members. After I have gotten the groups organized I would ask the children questions about how they feel about violence (whether they feel it is wrong or a necessary evil or simply alright), then I would give them hypothetical situations where violence could be used (i.e. if a bully or sibling is picking on them) and ask them how they would solve the problem and how they think their parent would solve the problem. Then I would ask them how many fights they have gotten into.

Five years later I would separate the children into their groups and ask them question similar to the ones I asked at first and see if the responses have changed. Later, I would allow them to mingle with each other and see how they interact with people in their groups and members of the other group. I would also put them in situations to see who the more aggressive children are and who the more passive children are. The children would be doing typical activities for their age groups like going to the playground, watching television and etc.

Later on I would gather the children back months before they graduate from high school. During this session I would once again ask how they feel about violence and if it is right or wrong, then I would ask questions about the relationships they are in and if they were aggressive in them or passive, how they deal with stress, what their after graduation plans were and what kind of home life did they want to have (i.e. whether they wanted to get married or not and have kids etc). I would later gather all this information and correlate it the group members initial reporting of violence.