Powder: Questions

1 Jeremy’s original source of rejection came from his parents who banished him from his home.
He was to live in the basement, away from society. This hurting he received made him a more
compassionate, caring and loving person. Although his early stages of life were of persecution
and sadness he accepted as a way of life. Being banished from society, he solely learned the
meaning of compassion. He acquired the knowledge of caring and loving by experiencing the
direct opposite of treatment. When he received this treatment, he hated it, and wished for
something different.

2. Three personality traits of Jeremy or Powder were his extreme compassion, his shyness, and
his caring. Jeremy expressed compassion in the fullest possible form. He expressed feeling for
others that went to extreme measures. Such as the passing of death from the dying deer to the
sheriff who shot him for sport. Since he was an albino genius, it would be simple to understand
his difficulty of fitting and acquiring new friends that he can socialize with. Thus he became a
shy boy that pretty much kept to himself. Jeremy’s characteristic that distinguished him from the
rest of society in which he lived in. Although he was persecuted, beaten, and ridiculed at. He
understood his characteristics and understood why the boys hated him It was fear!

3. I respect Jeremy’s caring. Like Christ himself, he wouldn’t fight or use any sort of violence to
resolve problems. Jeremy would speak his words of wisdom, or use his divine powers of mental
stability and force to express a point. He would, without hurting anyone, prove a point. This
characteristic made us create a field of empathy for the boy.

4. Jeremy showed his love and compassion and caring for other people and creatures in a few
instances in the movie. The most popular scene expressed caring for a creature. A creature, in
the shape of a defenseless deer. A sheriff was with a bunch of kids, hunting when they should
not. The sheriff found and shot the deer. As the deer laid there breathing his last breathes of life,
Jeremy stepped into action. In order to express the anguish of death to the sheriff, he held on to
the neck of the deer and the arm of the sheriff. Using his forces of mental power he fed the
feelings of death to the sheriff. Even though Jeremy loved the animal inhabitants, he also
expressed compassion and caring for the human population. Jeremy was being ridiculed once
again during stormy weather. A boy named Johnny pushed Jeremy into the mud, laughing
Johnny was then struck by lightning. Even though revenge would have been sweet, Jeremy
reacquired the life for Johnny.

5. The treatment Jeremy received in the cafeteria by the student is quite disheartening and show
the lack of empathy in the students. But the reasons for his treatment is more intriguing than the
actual treatment received. Einstein once said, that we fear what is not known , and Jeremy was
an unknown case of supernatural difference. These students, being average, were reacting as
normal as frighten children, in the form of insult. These children were not mean, they were
frighten of the unknown. Another scientist or psychologist said that fear is sometimes
distinguished in the form of laughter. As the children insulted Jeremy, other children laughed to
relieve the tension they held within. Natural human reactions are to laugh instead of crying when
in fear, just as an infant. And yet another reason for the harsh treatment of Jeremy, was because
he made everyone else seem normal. Today, people try to express their uniqueness the clothes
they wear. Of course they say that its their own look, but we all know that peer pressure from
friends and the media, cause them to do, what they do. So, Jeremy being albino, distinguished all
the other kids. The kids hated this because they are working to be noticed (just as an infant will).
Jeremy proposed a threat to their uniqueness and that caused their behavior to be what it
There was once a student, who was quite isolated because of his external appearance. But many
students began to feel empathy for him and they invited him to cafeteria tables and accepted into

6. Now although, Jeremy seems to be living in a world of rejection, persecution, and insult, he
has a friend. Like the Good Samaritan, a girl from school, expresses interest in Jeremy. She talks
to Jeremy and sticks by