Story Truth


11/24/03 A.P. Composition.

Final draft: Story-Truth

(Names were changed)

Yeah, all camp stories are fun to hear about, don’t you think? In a way they’re all “compare and contrast”, so similar, yet so different. Well, the story that she is about to tell you is possibly not as familiar, but it did happen. It began at a small camp in the Catskill Mountains, upstate New York. From the patio, people were able to observe the mountain, hear the birds, and smell freshness of clean air. A beautiful setting, isn’t it? A girl, who is 13 at that time, went to the Endless Summer camp. Not because she had been there before, not because she had friends there, just because she had nothing to do, and wanted to experience something new. Well, she went on thinking: “What am I doing here?” Her doubts quickly turned into a joyous camp experience. There, in the camp, she made a lot of friends, who she later became really close with. They all shared humorous moments, and these moments later turned into sad memories. As interesting as this may sound, she didn’t want to tell you boring story of every day of camp life. She was eager to tell about one night, when she and her best friend wanted to spend time with her other friends, who were not part of the camp. However, time restriction did not allow them to enjoy their vacation. Therefore best friends were on a mission to see their friends, and not have short amount of time to share their stories.

Night laid still as the blanket of darkness was covering it. They were scared about doing this, no doubt, but “Life is short,” they thought. They were determined to do it. What do you think happened next? They got out of bed, debated whether to go and see their friends or not to go and be on a safe side. Silence was watching with her sleepy eyes. The room was glowing with the light of the moon. Humorously enough one of their friends woke up. Why is that humorous you may ask? Those girls were trying to see their friends, and leaving the camp grounds at midnight. The last thing they needed is another camper who would rat them out. All she said was: “Just go! I won’t tell. I wouldn’t get any credit for it anyway.” The best friends looked at each other, seeing one another’s confused faces. They got dressed, and headed to the basement, where the door was always open. Flop! Flop! A strange sound was coming out of somewhere. “Shoes! They’re making noise!” one of them whispered. A small tingle of fear rushed through both girls’ spines. Did anyone hear them? The ground was piercing their soft bottoms with its sharp twigs and stones as they were leaving the cabin behind them. The road that led the way out was just ahead. Slowly they walked, and tried not to talk. Soon the girls already walked half way to the destination. There was a lamp post which indicated that there was not much left to go. They had to be quiet around that spot, where the lamp post was, because the boys’ cabin was not far from there. If anyone would see them, they would be in deep trouble. “Phew, glad that’s over,” another friend said. In few minutes they reached their final destination. “Hey, where are they? I don’t see them,” the first friend said, while second was scanning surroundings trying to find familiar silhouettes. “There they are waving, dork, can’t you see them?” All four were very happy to see each other. Those who were not from the camp were in shock, but did not want to ask them questions. Although Jon, who was a friend outside of camp, asked: “What if your counselor finds out about this?” and Lisa, the first friend replied: “We know some dirt about her, she rats us out, and we do the same. What goes around comes around.” Although the best friends were only 13 and 14, they were pretty cunning considering their life was not that long.

As night went on, they noticed two skunks. “We’re going to smell!” Christina thought. The