Today teenagers are stereotyped everyday. Stereotyping has become a natural
reaction by the older generation when they see a teenager that is dressed
different or acts different than what they used to at that age. Their idea of
what a person should dress like or act like is compleatly different from the
ideas of teenagers. I have found out the hard way over the last few years.
Teenagers are stereotyped all of the time.

For instance, I went to Wal-Mart to get a job and people doing the employing
had all of the people who were getting applications go to the back room and
watch a film. Basicly the filmwas about the proper way to dress act and even how
long your facial hair could be. One of the employers basicly singled me out and
said,"I am going to use this young man here for an example. The pants he
has on are to baggy." The jeans I had on at that time were actually not
baggy at all because I was trying to dress nice for the interveiw. "He will
have to shave off his gotee and sideburns." Then he went on and talked
about thier dress code and how the employees were expected to act. Then he did
somthing I did not believe. He said, " All of you will have to take a drug
test." then he looked strait at this kid and said,"Some of you may not
pass." After that I had gotten enough abuse for one day so I just got up
and walked out.

Another example of teenagers being stereotyped is when teens are in a group.
Just because they are standing there the older generation thinks they are
drinking, using drugs, or just up to no good in general. For instance, the
police in my hometown will not let more than two cars of teens congragate in one
place at a time. I do not think that is fair because if you want to stop and
talk to someone you have to wait until one of the cars leave.

Teenagers are sometimes thought guilty of things just for the simple fact
that they are teenagers. For example I had a wreck with an older woman a few
years ago. I was coming up to a stop sign so I slowed down. When I got to the
sign I did the same stop that everybody does at signs on back streets, the one
where you slow down almost to a stop but not quite then you go. This stop sign
was a little different in that there are bushes all the way down the side of the
street, so it is kind of hard to see. So I looked and looked again and still saw
no one so I went. Just as I start to pull through a car slams into the passenger
side of my car. I was driving a 1978 Chevrolet Caprice Classic, it was a big,
bulky car. I was hit by a 1991 Pontiac Grand Am, which is a tiny car compared to
mine. The speed limit in this spot is 15 miles per hour because it is a school
zone. Now that I have the setting established I will continue the story. This
tiny car hits my "tank" of a car and knocks it over about 5
that hit me bounced off the front passenger fender and hit the back fender hard
enough to bend the back wheel. So this car bounces off my back fender and goes
about 15 feet further up ahead, tires screeching the whole way. So I jump out of
my car to see if the other person is o.k. I run up to the window of the other
car in time to see an older woman reaching across the seat to get her insurence
out of her glove box.When I knocked on the window to see if she was o.k. she
abruptly sat up and said her neck was hurt. Now lets think about this for a
second, she was leaning over and streaching to reach the glove box, also when I
knocked on her window she sat up so quickly that if she had a neck injury she
would have been sreaming in agony. I could not belive that she was actually
saying she had a neck injury after what I saw her doing. I was so mad I just had
to walk off. I felt like grabing my neck, falling down, and saying I