State Sectionals



One obstacle in my life started when I was a sophomore in high school. I discovered that my talents were found by physical strength and ability. Sports did not really appeal to me as much as track had. I lifted a lot after school and found that sprinting was quite easy for me because of my height. To prepare for county championships was not going to be easy.

I had to start off working out my long distance running before I could work on my event. During practice we were assigned a few miles of running followed by a twenty minute cool down on alternate days of the week. The other days were split up into sprints and weightlifting. The stronger I got the more ready I was to compete. Sprints formed agility and burned fat. We ran hills and suicides on the football field for practice. You also need to stretch more than anything to prepare for practice or any kind of workout

On random days we would have a different kind of practice called plyometrics. This was a group of exercises that consisted of box raises, monkey jumps, jump rope, small hurdles, and leg raises. The objective was to start at one workout and advance to the next in two minutes. These were very hard to do because it worked out your whole body and made you tired quickly.

I was now ready to work on my event. Hurdles were the hardest event in track. You needed balance, speed, agility, and strength to be a good competitor. You needed to train your legs how to correctly go over the hurdles. The form you go over the hurdle was the most important practice. The faster you can get over the hurdle the faster your finish time would be. I had to train myself to get three steps between each hurdle. Wide leg span and speed would make it easy, but if any kind of speed decrease would mean hitting the hurdle, loss of balance, or falling. Practice soon came to an end and the meets arrived.

The first few track meets got me into the swing of things. Hurdles became more familiar to me and my ability grew. I then started placing in invitational meets and studied my competition. Some of them were short and fast, others were tall and strong. This just forced me to work harder and run harder. Soon enough I would be ready to triumph.

The County meets came and I competed with full entheasm. I placed and ran the finals ending up second with an overwhelming joy. This earned me my varsity letter. A week later I would be on a bus for state sectionals at little egg harbor. The meet came and I knew who I was up against. A kid from Morris County had a fast time and two kids from Sussex. It was a hard race but I placed third. I couldn’t have done it without all the practice and heart involved. This was something that I will remember until the day I die.