State Fees

October 16, 2003 Period 5

For all of my results I did it based on in state Fees. That is definitely biased, but in some cases not necessarily. For example, Howard’s in state room and board is $12,700. The out of state is not that far off from this cost. As far I as I know I assume these numbers are representative because I got all the figures from the school’s website.

Some of the schools that are predominately Black have lower tuitions fees. Like University of Maryland Eastern Shore, their tuition is $3,563. Which is less than its “counterpart” (in a way) Salisbury State University is $5,564. Schools in the south have lower tuition rates. Like for example University of Mississippi, their tuition is $4,900. Versus a school in the North like St. John’s University, whose tuition is $28,400.

Schools that tend to have lower tuition in my observations tend to have more Afro-Americans. For example schools like, UDC and Bowie State University are predominately Black. But schools with higher tuition rates like University of Tampa or Wake Forest are predominately white.

Another biased I have noticed is that schools that are further away from the coast lines also have lower tuition rates, For example Ohio State University, Kentucky University, and University of Cincinnati in Ohio, all have lower tuition rate versus schools like St. Johns which in New York, Duke in North Carolina, or Howard in the District of Columbia.

It is a common knowledge that if the school is not that good then the tuition is not going to be that high. For example when Morris Brown had their accreditation, their tuition was not that high because the school was very average, maybe along the lines of a community college. If Yale’s programs and professors were on a level as Morgan State Universities would Yale have the same tuition rate? No, the realization is that Morgan is a so-so school, thus their tuition is 1/4th of Yale’s.

I would suggest my data for students to use based on the quality education they want. If one desires an average education, then they should attend an average school. I have stated already the tactics on can use to determine this. If one wants the best then they are literally going to need to pay for the best, and now a days that is a very, very pretty penny. And in the real world a school’s prestige can determine where in life one will be.