Starting Schools later

Could starting school an hour later result in better
attendance, better performance, and less depression among
students? Well according to the Minnesota Medical
Association, who urges secondary schools to start later,
this is true. This is because making bodies secrete more
slowly the hormones needed to fall asleep and wake-up.
Teens are literally for a few years in another time zone. An
example of a school that switched to starting later are the
ones in Minnesota, where there school day starts at 10
a.m. Did this because teens sleeping patterns naturally want
them to sleep later and stay up later. Since the switch the
school has reported fewer discipline problems and less
juvenile crimes. Also better performance If having school
start later only causes good results then why hasn\'t every
school system switched to this? -The teachers want to end
there day before rush hour. -And the parents don\'t want to
change their morning routine by 30mins- to an hour. As
representative James Moran said "It doesn\'t make sense,
and it\'s done to accommodate the convenience of the
people whose first priority is obviously not the education of
our children." That\'s why The Minnesota Medical
Association and myself urge you to sign this so our local
schools will start later. And remember by signing this and
being able to get more sleep so you can do better in

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