Star Power Activity

Final Journal Assignment

August 11, 2004

1. I was in the square group.

2. The square group came up with a few rules; 1) no one who was in the square group was able to leave, 2) the squares could make rules when ever they wanted, 3) all orange chips from the triangle group had to go to the circle group, etc. I think to some extent the actions of the squares were based on the fact that it was a game and not reality, but the real world is also somewhat like this game. While not all do this, some people in positions of power do create rules in order to make sure they stay on top, and the lower classes stay on the bottom.

3. Not all of the circles and triangles cooperated well with the rules made by the squares. When we all had to write our scores on the board, a large section of the people in the circle group lied about the amount of points they had earned. On the other had, when looking at the scores you also realized that a large amount of the square group embellished their scores as well.

4. I think it is in the human nature to compete for things, and that usually involves competition for money. I don’t necessarily think that inequality is the right thing, nor do I think that it’s right that a small percentage of people get all the wealth, but at the same time I realize that those people, for the most part, may have worked hard to get there.


a. Power does corrupt, and it will also go to one’s head. When you have more then everyone else you start to think only of yourself. While doing the ‘Star Power’ activity I honestly did not care how many points I had, but as soon as I was told that I would receive extra bonus points, and that I could make any rules I wanted, I got a little power hungry. After the game I felt a little guilty about how tyrannical we all were, but I guess that’s just human nature to want to win.

e. What is fair to those in power is not always fair to those not in power definitely applies to ‘Star Power’ for the most part. When the class was asked if the rules the squares made up were fair, I was surprised by how many people in the square group said they were, because even though I helped create the rules, I never thought they were fair. What also surprised me was that some of the people in the triangle group believed the square’s rules were fair. What I realized overall is that regardless of whether or not something is fair, it doesn’t make it right.