Stairway To Heaven

In the first verse the writer talks about a lady who is buying him a

present. If she gets the right thing than he will be happy and it would be

heaven. If she doesn’t get the right gift, than all she has to say is one thing

and he will forgive her. The second verse says that he wasn’t clear about

what he wants for the gift so she gos to a store by a brook. The store sells

sculptures of the forest and she finds a singing bird clock, (cookoo clock). In

the third verse he writes about his neighbour having a fire in the bush and he

sees the smoke rise from the trees. He thinks about leaving to go see what his

neighbour is doing when he hears the guy call out to him. In the fourth verse

he says that his neighbour is a member of his band he thinks about them

singing back there and the tune singing through the forest and then they laugh

about it. In the fifth verse he talks about himself having trouble in the band.

The “spring cleaning” means that he is just getting himself organised and

finding what it is he is supposed to be doing with his life. If he has any

trouble he can either quit the band and find a new one or just fix the

problems in the one he has now. I think the sixth verse talks about his

struggle with drugs. The “whispering wind” means that talking to someone

about it will solve the problem. The last verse says that you will always find

your soul mate and everything will turn out even in the worst of times. This is

your stairway to heaven.

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