July 16, 2004

Sports are activities that most people do because they are fun and they help us to be in good shape. Also people can rest and relax from their daily problems by playing with friends and forgetting about everything while they enjoy what they are doing.

Each country has a sport that most people like donít matter if they play or if they only watch the games, what I mean is that sports are often a good way to start conversations with strangers. The best sports are soccer, golf and basketball even know they are completely different from each other.

Soccer is the national sport in almost all the countries around the world because more than 70% of men like to play or at least watch soccer games and also its good to see that lots of women are beginning to like this sport too. Except in The United States, in all the world soccer is known as futbol, a name that comes from the English word football. The basic rule in this sport is to score more goals than the other team by using every part of the body except for the hands and the arms. One beautiful thing about soccer is that is a team sport, every player depends on the others in order to get the best possible score. The best soccer teams around the world are Brazil, Italy, England and Argentina.

Then, basketball is also a sport played everywhere but instead of eleven players, each team has only five and you get more tired than in soccer because players never have the chance to stop running unless they are on the bench. Is a very continuous game in which the basic rule is to score more points than the other team by throwing the ball into the basket. Its one of Americaís favourite sport and USA team is the best in the world, thatís why they are called ďThe Dream TeamĒ.

Finally, golf is a sport in which every player has to win by their own. They cant depend on what the other players do, they have to send a little ball into 18 holes with the less number of shots. Itís a very popular sport but is very expensive, thatís why there are not so many players around the world.Itís a very nice sport in which ability is required and you need to practice very hard to be a good player because if you quit playing for more than 4 months you kind of forget important things while you swing.

The three sports named before have similarities but also lots of differences. Golf is the only one that requires money to play because the other two you can play them for free and you donít need to buy anything but a ball and get some friends to play with, meanwhile in golf you need woods, irons, balls, etc. Soccer and basketball are played by rich, poor, etc so the social status doesnít matter.