Solving the “Gay” Problem

There is only one way for our society to fix the so-called “gay problem” that exists today, and that is to realize that there is no gay problem. By this I mean that being a homosexual should not subject that person to persecution and discrimination. Instead, that person should be looked at as just other human being, because that is what they are. Homosexuals do not choose to be gay so it is just the way they are. We do not discriminate and make fun of children that are born with defects and mental retardation, so why is it ok to make fun of homosexual who are simply born different.

Unfortunately our world today is not making very much progress to help homosexuals who are met with angry eyes. There are still countries around the world that will imprison gays for publicly displaying homosexual behavior. And even here in the United States, there are hate crimes being committed all the time against homosexuals. Another example of our lack of progress for gay equality is the internet. There are so many anti-gay websites out there that it is obvious that it will be more than difficult to change those people’s views on the gay community.

To help homosexuals become more equal in society I do feel it is necessary for them to keep their sexual preference to themselves and not be public about stating their sexual preference. Many heterosexuals including myself do find homosexuality somewhat unpleasant, so even though we do not feel any resentment towards homosexuals, we just do not care to here about their homosexuality. Personally, I will always cringe when someone announces to my face that they are gay because there is no reason to announce to me that you like anal sex with another man. To compare to heterosexuals, many male friends talk about their sex lives to each other. But many of them do not come right out and say (or insight) they have anal sex. In both cases, it is inappropriate and should just be kept to oneself.

Some people in the entertainment world also do the opposite of helping gays becoming equal. Popular music star Eminem (who also makes horrible music) is know for having several anti-gay lyrics in his songs. Some of lyrics were so offensive that the ‘Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation’ says that the song “contains the most blatantly offensive, homophobic lyrics we have seen in many years.” With assholes like Eminem winning music awards, it is no wonder hate crimes against gays are on the rise. I think Eminem, his record company and people like him should be arrested for putting fuel in the fire of homosexual haters.

It is obvious that a lot of work needs to be done to help out the gay community around the world and every little step forward helps. Unfortunately, there are people out there like Eminem who keep pushing our progress back. I hope in the near future people can simply learn to get along with each other and forget about their differences. But some things obviously have to change in our society. Below I have included an insert from the same article that discussed Eminem’s gay bashing. It really made me wonder if I want to have children in today’s society.


"[N]obody wants to talk about the positive shit I\'m doing," he says later. "There\'s millions of white kids and black kids coming to the tour, throwing their middle fingers up in the air, and all having the common love -- and that\'s hip-hop. Me and Dre are changing the world right now, as we\'re on this tour. I feel that we are making racism less and less and less. As far as gay people, that\'s their business. Truthfully, I don\'t care. It\'s none of my business."


Millions of white and black kids waving there middle fingers in the air, and he thinks he’s making the world a better place. God help us.


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