Soft drinks & canned Teas to Harm Enamel

Health Period 1
Sept 16, 2004

Research shows that sodas like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Ginger Ale – and canned iced tea, especially Arizona Iced Tea erode teeth enamel. Clear sodas such as Sprite, Mountain Dew, and Ginger Ale were particularly harmful to tooth enamel. Brewed black tea, root beer, coffee, and water had minimal effects.

When I was younger I never drank pop… that all changed in middle school. Suddenly I was drinking 4 pops a day, by eighth grade I was drinking around 7-8 pops a day. My teeth never resulted in damage because I brushed regularly, but drinking it all did result in gaining weight. The summer after my freshmen year I stop drinking regular coke and switched to only 2 Diet cokes a day. So I know where Dr. Fraunhofer is coming from when he states that pop is responsible for children’s teeth decay and obesity problems.

Dr. Fraunhofer performed an experiment on 20 healthy teeth. The people that the teeth belonged to drank nothing but soft drinks and canned teas. It resulted in Sprite, Mountain Dew, and Arizona Iced Tea being the worst for teeth. Tap water, root beer, brewed black tea, and black coffee had minimal effects.