Societies Scapegoat

Youth crimes are on a continual rise. It seems that everyday violent
offenders keep getting younger and more aggressive. We turn on the news only to
hear that a ten year old mugged,shot,stabbed,beat or blew up one of his peers.
With crimes on the rise involving children, people begin to look for a cause.
Society, when looking for a scapegoat, becomes worse than a blood thirsty lynch
mob at a witch trial. Usually the most obvious source of violence within a home
is the television. However, in most cases it is not the true cause. With the TV
in the forefront of virtually every home in the civilized world, it\'s no wonder
that it\'s the easiest target for criticism. It\'s elementary to blame the tube
for a child\'s behavior; it\'s a quick and easily identified source of violence
within a youths confined world. The TV many times is identified as the cause of
aggressive acts to avoid dealing with other underlying issues. Society today
has an entire array of different afflictions that plague us from day to day.
The television is of very little significance alongside the landfill of troubles
that influence children today. Besides, trying to get networks to cut out
violence and aggression entirely would be like trying to get Jesus Christ to
write a top ten list of reasons why Christianity sucks. (It\'s not going to

TV is not the reason that our youth courts are filled to capacity with
court dockets so hideous you would swear that you were looking at the start of
the apocalypse. Television programs are not the reason for the apparent
increase in adolescent crime. If you find yourself picking up your kids from
the police station all the time, it\'s not the TV\'s fault!!! There are no
significant consequences for youth crime in our justice system. Maybe we should
impose stiffer penalties on violent offenders, instead of more censorship on TV.
Kids would not have such a tendency to mug, beat, strangle or shoot their peers
if there were tougher consequences for doing so.

The Japanese are responsible for some of the most violent cartoons ever
created to date. I mean these things make our R rated movies look like a walk in
the park. Japanese cartoons display bloodshed and drug induced murdering sprees
as if they were nothing. Even with all this vicious behavior on Japanese
televisions, the youth crime and aggressive behavior is one tenth of ours. How
can this be? Because the Japanese have adopted a zero tolerance policy for
criminal behavior and reprimand criminals with a vengeance. Japanese society
realized that blaming things like TV for violent behavior is unacceptable.
Instead, the Japanese have taught their public that aggression in reality and on
TV do not go hand in hand. (Or as I would say, "it\'s not the TV\'s fault!!!")

A healthy amount of violence within children\'s programs in my mind is
perfectly acceptable and necessary. Violence in moderation teaches children
about situations that may be encountered outside of their home, and helps them
to deal with such incidents. Kids are aggressive in nature, and a child who
grows up on Barney, the Purple Dinosaur, and Mary Poppins is likely to have a
difficult time dealing with other kids. Face it, children need a certain amount
of bellicosity to balance out all the bubbly behavior that some of these idiotic
child role models portray: like Barney, who should be committed to an asylum.
(I know if I was forced to watch Barney at an early age I probably would have
blown up the house.) You may ask, "why do children need a balance of violence
and aggression at all, why don\'t we just program happy shows all the time?"
Because human kind has always been an aggressive species and probably will
continue to be. By not preparing your children for acts of rabidity you are
preparing them to be future victims. And if your child is beat up at school,
it\'s not the TV\'s fault!!! (Maybe it\'s time to let little Jack or Jill watch
the Power Rangers, or a Rocky episode or two.)

I do, however, agree with one of the points people are trying to
make against children viewing violence. A five year old child should not be
witnessing Freddy hack off human extremities with chain saws and axes. This is
where the parents should be stepping in to filter out what their little bambino
is taking in. Certain programs are oriented to different age groups and viewing
should be controlled, not removed through censorship. Parents want strict
censorship because