Smoking cigarettes that are the worst hobby of people. There are a lot of people smoke in this world, and most of them had been died by the smoking. Therefore, smoking is really bad for smoker’s health.

Smokers often smoke one pack of cigarettes per day at least, so this is so bad for them. They will get a lot of diseases. For example, the lung cancer, which is the most popular disease, the smokers have been gotten. Everyone knows that lung disease is very horrible. If you got lung cancer, there is just a little chance can cure it; however, many people died from it. Furthermore, smoker also will get the throat problem. They will feel very uncomfortable when they talk to someone.

Secondly, smoking is also not good for non-smokers. As we know, second hand smoke is the most dangerous material for non-smokers. It contains nicotine, which is really bad for human’s health. For instance, it affects the old people. They could get lung cancer more easily. It also affects pregnant people and their babies. If the pregnant women lived with smokers, the babies will be disability when they were born.

At last, cigarettes are very expensive. It can cost you a lot of money. It’s about ten or more dollars per pack. It means that the smokers have to spend ten or more dollars per day , so it’s about more than three hundred dollars a month. They are so much money that the teenage smokers can’t afford for it. I think they will choose some illegal ways to get money to buy the cigarettes. In other words, it’s very bad for our society. The percentage of teenage criminal will be increased.

In short, we should persuade the smokers who are around us quit smoking. Let them know that smoking is really bad for them. Getting away from cigarettes, you will get away from disease. Then we will live in the clean beautiful world.