Smoking or Not?

TOPIC: Although it is a freedom to use tobacco while some people think it should be made illegal as the same way as other drugs. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Whatís your opinion?

The debate on whether forbidding using tobacco by law or not has come for a long time.(Recently, there is a heated argument about if tobacco should be forbidden by law or not.) Though people can smoke cigarette freely in almost all the country, in my attitude (in my point of view), I do firmly(definitely) support government to enact law clause to make it illegal. The reasons are following.

First of all, as every one knows, smoking is very hazardous to peopleís health, this warning even can be seen on the cigarette box(package) as advertisement(不是广告) words. According to a medical study, smoking is associated with more than 50 different diseases and disordersómany fatal(which includes some fatal ones). While, some people canít give up smoking because of not only their bodies but their spirit are too rely(2个动词??) on cigarette, like other illegal drugs, and it astounds me that marijuana is illegal and cigarettes are not. So the most direct way is that smoking also should be forbidden and punished compulsorily through laws.

Besides(besides that), another reason smoking should be made illegal is because it harms people who donít smoke. When people who donít smoke get sick from second hand(second-hand) smoke it is not fair to (for) them and it invades the privacy of the passive smokers.(好好调整这句话) Medical survey also demonstrates that passive smoking causes (is associated with这样语气婉转点,)a range impact from cancer to heart diseases. my neighbor got sick from second hand smoke and he died from it(注明疾病的名称). That is a very important reason to me, and the people who donít smoke.

Last, but very important point is that our children will realize that smoking is such a bad manner through the laws support. Being effected by the media like magazine and film, they may think that the posture of smoking is a vogue, mindless itís negative effect, whereas laws can make juvenile realize it will enjoy all their healthy lifetime without the impact of smoking.

(To sum up, though)Nevertheless, tobacco manufacture can boost religious economy, but when we compare the benefits of health and limited economical progress,compare with the health of people all over the world, it has no reason that our government refuse to make tobacco illegal.