Small Cities

English 1102 Section L

Essay #1


Jesup is a small city in the Southeastern corner of Georgia. It is a place of values and homeliness. It is a city of variety but everyone seems to fit is. Jesup is small enough to be a community where everyone really does know just about everyone else. Everyone seems to stick to the same routines. Examples of this include cruising Cherry Street looking for some fun in one’s teen years, to sitting at the General Store in the mornings for that fresh brewed coffee and the latest gossip as an elder. People in Jesup tend to stick to tradition rather that catching up with the latest trends. For instance, Jesup is one of the last towns on the East Coast to still possess and operate a drive-in theatre. The past is held onto dearly and so is the closeness everyone feels for one another. It is the type of town where neighbors are always there to lend a helping hand in times of need, no matter the severity of the situation. Parents never have to worry where their kids are because there is always somebody keeping a close eye on them. No matter the times or the situation, Jesup will never lose touch with its closeness or values. Growing up and living in Jesup has shaped me in to what I am today, and will have a huge impact on what I do with my life in the future.

In Jesup, people are always looking for ways to help one another. I grew up watching and learning from the examples of my elders and peers. My elders constantly preached on following my dreams or goals. I always had support and positive reinforcement in everything I did. From an early age I found that I had an itch for the game of baseball. The game of baseball is huge in Jesup so I automatically drew in a lot of support from people I had never known. During my baseball years it was amazing to witness ways in which the community would pitch in, in order for our team to be successful and have a good season. It seemed as if everyone in Jesup knew us and took a liking to us. I found out just how supportive people were of me and my teammates one year when I was injured during a game. My injury was minor but one would have thought that it was lethal due to the amount of cards and many other items sent in just to let me know that I was being thought about. Later in my high school years I made the decision to quit pursuing my baseball dreams. When neighbors found out about the news they were in total awe. They could not believe what they had heard and even though they might not see my view on the situation they continued to support me and trusted that I was making the right decision. Still to this day I think back and wonder if it was the right decision, but wrong or right I walked away a better man. This is because I had finally realized how much support I had and always will have. Knowing this I knew what was expected of me: to be successful and happy in whatever I do. The most recent reminder of how much support I have from people of Jesup was during the period of my high school graduation. During the last two weeks of school I received letters and gifts every day from friends and family wanting to remind me that they would always be there for me, and would always support me. All of the support I received while growing up in Jesup has influenced me to do whatever it takes to succeed, and currently it has taken me to college where I look to graduate with a degree in whichever field of study I may choose suitable.

The future is nothing for certain, and even though people plan for it and prepare for it, no one really knows what is to come. After college I hope to enter into a profession where I will be happy with my choice of work. A