Skittles is a variety entertainment and dining establishment located in
Washington, D.C. . Our mission is to provide our patrons with a unique blend of
live entertainment while delivering a top quality dining experience. We will do
this by emphasizing service excellence and the highest level of performance in
all aspects of our operations and services. Our prominent services include live
entertainment, ranging in form from comedy to jazz performances to poetry
recitals and others. We also offer lunch, dinner, drinks and dancing to our
The restaurant is operated by its several partners who have an equal share in
ownership. The partners are Tracy Jackson, James Johnson, Sonja Dawkins, Kevin
Brown and Steffi Carr. The restaurant is ideally located on the D.C. waterfront.
There it will be easily accessible to a large cross section of consumers and
make it possible to provide patrons with a safe and controlled environment.
Our establishment brings a relatively new concept to the Districts restaurant
industry. What we provide is an everchanging mix of live entertainment to
customers while serving all of their drinking and dining needs as well. We are
somewhat of a one stop, night on the town, in that we provide not only the
drinking and dining needs of person going out but we also provide, in the same
location and depending on the night, everything from dancing to live music
performances to a night of comedy entertainment. Because of its uniqueness to
the marketplace in D.C., Skittles has an excellent opportunity to establish
itself and become a force in the restaurant/entertainment community in the
District. This is partly because of the limited direct competition the company
has to face. Although direct competition is limited, there are several
establishments which we feel will pose competition to us in the market. They
include Blues Alley, Hogates, H.I. Ribsters, Phillips, Gang Plank, The Wharf,
and Club 721.
Despite the threats which the competition poses to the restaurant, we are
still very confident in the ability of this concept and restaurant to thrive and
succeed in the District.


We, the owners of Skittles, are very enthusiastic about our chances of
success with this new and exciting restaurant concept. Our enthusiasm was
bolstered even more by what was revealed to us after performing a situation
analysis for the company. The analysis showed that as a company, our strengths
and the opportunities that exist, far outweigh our weaknesses and the threats we
perceive ourselves having to face. This indicates to us that with hard work and
a total team commitment, Skittles will be a definite success. As for the
particulars that were revealed through the analysis they are as follows.
First, the businesses internal strengths include the location of the
restaurant, because of its convenient access to all the residents in the Metro
Area. Another strength is the room for growth that we have as a company, because
without it the company would reach its maximum potential in a relatively short
time and then have no where to go but down. Also we have a strength in our
prices which, for the services and the variety of entertainment we provide, are
better than favorable when compared with the competitions prices. Finally, our
internal strengths include the variety which we provide for our customers, both
in the services and in the entertainment which we deliver.
Next, there are the internal weaknesses that we have as a business and they
include, first our inexperience with being managers and operators of a business
as well as the inexperience in dealing with the real world, unforeseen problems
that are bound to arise with a new business. Secondly, there is the fact that as
of yet we don\'t have an established customer base to rely on. Also, we also
don\'t have a loyal market of consumers whom we can depend on even during the
most difficult economic periods. Finally, there is the fact that we don\'t have
the established reputation for service and excellence that some of our
competitors may have with the consumers in the area.
Next, the situation analysis turned to the external factors that would be
affecting our establishment. These factors include both our opportunities and
the threats that we will have to face. First, there were the opportunities which
include, the economic situation in the district which has the mayor and other
prominent officials encouraging and supporting the formation of new businesses
in the District in hopes of creating more revenue for the city. This is an
opportunity because with the cooperation from