Sir Launcelot: Legendary Knight

4th Hour


There are many characterisitics that decscribe a hero, and Sir Launcelot of

the King Arthur tales exhibits many of them. Sir Launcelot wasn\'t merely a hero

though, he\'s become known as a legend.

A legend is a story that has been spoken of for decades or even

centuries. The stories often include the main character overcoming enormous

odds. The original actions may not have been as spectacular as the modern

story may lead you to believe, but, were still far above average when they were

originally performed. The original account is usually expanded upon to such an

extent, that over the years, a large, intimidating man evolves into a giant; or a

powerful warrior with good morals becomes a super-natural savior. This is, most

likely, the case with Sir Launcelot.

He was the most powerful knight of King Arthur\'s round table and, as legend

has it, was known to be an exceptionally handsome man. He went on

adventures, saving damsels in distress and lending a helping hand to his

comrades. He rid the realm of enraged giants and took out dozens of

adversaries at a time. But Sir Launcelot was also another type of hero. He could

also be thought of as being a role model.

Sir Launcelot is depicted as a chivalrous, honorable knight who always

defends his king and queen. There were, on several occasions in the legend,

when Lady Gwynevere, his queen, had been accused of falling in love with him.

His answer to the accusations was that the queen was too fine a lady to dishonor

King Arthur in such a way. Launcelot\'s selfless acts also reveal an honorable

character. He once switched identities with Sir Kay by exchanging armor, so he

could deal with Kay\'s opponents and Sir Kay could ride safely. This showed Sir

Launcelot didn\'t mind putting his life at risk if it helped out a friend. Also, there is

the fact that he helps the needy and defeats the wicked simply because it is the

right thing to do. After he defeats a wealthy villain, Sir Launcelot has been

known to give the castle treasure to others, even though he obviously earned it.

Throughout the tales he has been in, Sir Launcelot has done many heroic

things, but what made him a truely great man was chivalry and honesty. Maybe

that\'s why he is still spoken of to this day.