Sigmund Freud
(1856- 1939)

Sigmund was born in Frieberg, Moravia in 1856, a single child; this was his father’s second marriage. Little Sigmund had two half brothers, Phillip and John. Philip had a son that was as old as Sigmund. At the age of four his parents moved to Vienna and he lived there until two years before he died. Sigmund was a lonely child, he seek refuse within his schoolwork. Making him somewhat of a nerd, not having many relationships with children his own age. Living him a lot of time on his hands to learn, and read.

One of his theories is that of Infantile Sexuality, in this Sigmund states that infants during the birthing process. Experience, sexual pleasure and go into a deep depression process, the only relief is that of sucking. And once we as children are no longer allowed acting in such a way, we become sexually oppressed. It is not until the stimulation of our genitals around puberty. That we lose the aggressive behavior that we have acted out on for many years during the non-sexual ages.

Another theory that Freud is very famous for is that of dreams, he was a dreamer and looked at his own dreams first. Within his own dreams Sigmund dreamt that his father now dead, was not his father. And his true father was really his half brother Phillip, who was very close in age to Sigmund’s mother. Also loving his father deeply, and looking into this made him question his love for his father. Leaving Sigmund guilty, and hating both his father and himself. This may or may not have been true, but Sigmund knew one thing. He was in competing with his father for the love of his mother, wondering if he Sigmund wished death upon his dad.

Later on in years Sigmund, also interpretive dreams of others learning, all with the bottom line being based in sexual behaviors. Within this dream Freud interpreted that this woman, was looking at a coffin, which contained her sisters young child. His analysis was that she only wanted to see the man she loved just one more time. The affect to this wish must have been attuned to this dream, and there was no occasion for sorrow. Freud theory states in a number of dreams, the effect does at least remain connected with the conceptual content that has replaced the content reality belonging to it.

In closing, my feelings are that Freud went far out in certain areas. But who is to say they are untrue, also he had a lot of time and effort concerning the dream theory. Moreover my feelings on the infantile sexuality theory are far fetched. Implication that infants do not have any sexual desires, and sucking is in a child’s nature, sucking is a comforting stimulation. And should not be mistreated in a sexual matter.