Reflection Paper on Shua

1. The movie Shua opens with John 1:14. This passage is an appropriate
opening for the movie because the passage describes Jesus becoming Godís word
in the flesh. It describes Jesus as Godís actually son, that Jesus is the
savior of the world and through Him we gain salvation. It also says that Jesus
is human and he too does make mistakes and has feelings.

2. As the film began, the film felt happy. I thought that the movie was cute
and funny. As the film went on, the atmosphere of the film went to happy to
sadness and it ended that way. The turn of events from fun little jokes to a
terrible reality made me very sad. The way Jesus was treated was terrible. I was
very touched by all that happened to Shua, I almost felt like crying. I donít
think any person should ever go through what Shua and his friends went through.
It was just terrible.

3. At first, I thought Shua was a nice boy. He cared about others and seemed
to have the biggest heart anyone could ever have. My impression of Shua didnít
change much as the story when on. I think he stayed almost the same throughout
most of the whole play. Where he made the most change was at the end, when he
gained all his confidence, when he actually became the man most people know him

4. The portrayal of Jesus in this play made me realize that Jesus really was
human. He did have feelings and went through so much before he reached his true
self, and even then, he went through a lot. I never really saw Jesus that way
before. I never really thought of Him as human. The new insight that I gained
from Jesus and His ministry is that Jesus sacrificed himself for our benefit. He
didnít have to do it, He chose to do it because He loved us enough to die for

5. What I see in Jesus that gives me happiness and peace is the face that He
is watching over us. Jesus comforts us when we are hurting and that fact brings
peace into my heart and helps me realize that one day, our pain will go away and
we will forever be happy with Him. The only thing that disturbs me about what
Jesus taught was when He talks about hell and how terrible it is. Going to hell
is one of my biggest fears.

6. I have never had a certain idea or belief about Jesus. I have always
thought that Jesus was a great man for doing all He did for us, but I have never
though of Him any different than I do now. I believe that Jesus is what everyone
should model themselves to be. If we all followed in the steps of Jesus, this
world would be a much better place than it is now. Jesus helps me to live my
life in a better way. Jesus was nice and sympathetic to all people and I try my
best everyday to be my nicest to everyone and forgive those who have donít
harm to me before.

7. The only thing that troubled me about the story was peopleís cruelty to
Jesus and His friends. The Romans were beasts. They had no hearts. This kind of
makes you wonder what kind of people these Romans were and how can God allow
these kind of people live on His earth and treat His son that way.

Shua: Relating to Today

1. One norm that Shua violated was when he gave the fish his family was going
to eat for Passover to the whole lady who lived outside of town. Another is when
Shua gets up early on Passover and goes to the cross where Joshua was crucified
and tries to give him water, but Joshua is already dead. Shua violates these
norms because he says that the people need him, they need his help.

One norm I find myself violating is a racial norm. I love making friends with
everyone. Some people stick with their ďown kind,Ē but I donít. In school,
youíll see a lot of times all the Hispanic people sticking around with each
other and all the black people sticking around with each other. I, on the other
hand, do not ďhang aroundĒ with one particular group. I am friends with
everyone. My best friends are white people. I may be Hispanic, but I donít
think that knowing this fact