March 2, 2004

English 4 CP

Shrek contained elements of an actual romance as well as parodied characters and situations in a romance. Obscene humor is used religiously throughout the movie to help show the parodied side of the romance. Shrek can be categorized as a romance and also as a parody of a romance.

The parody of a romance is apparent throughout the movie. Shrek is not just a typical knight going on a journey to rescue some damsel in distress. Typical knights would have been upstanding citizens in their lord’s kingdom and would have lived by a code of honor. Shrek is unique; he is an outcast, shunned away and ridiculed for being an ogre. Knights who embark on a quest to save a lady are usually doing it for themselves to prove their love, honor, and bravery. Shrek, however, is tricked into embarking on this quest, to save Princess Fiona, in order to get his overpopulated swamp vacated. A hero would acquire a guide before going on with the quest. Well, Shrek did that when a talking donkey named Donkey accompanied him. Upon the liberation of the princess, Donkey perceives that the fire-breathing dragon is a girl dragon. Typically the knight would kill the dragon and rescue the princess. Instead, Shrek rescues the princess and does not kill the dragon. The dragon is like Shrek, misunderstood and rejected.

Features of an actual romance in Shrek include the lighthearted tone and chivalric love. The lighthearted tone was evident throughout Shrek. On the journey home, Shrek and Fiona start showing that they like each other, but Fiona is under a spell that only her true love can break. Once the princess is back at the enormous castle, Shrek starts to feel lonely. They both think that true love has to be about outward beauty, then Shrek decides to crash in on the wedding so he can proclaim his love to her. The spell is broken when Shrek and Fiona kiss. She takes true loves form, which she thinks should be beautiful, but she’s and ogre. The real evil was dealt with; the dragon ate Lord Farquaad.

Shrek is an example of a romance and a parody romance. Elements of an actual romance as well as parodied characters and situations in a romance were embodied in the movie.