Should Priest Always Refuse The Sacraments To Those Who Do Not Practice Their Faith?

St. Patrick’s Comprehensive


There are several reasons a priest should not give a sacrament to a person does not practice the faith. One is that if someone doesn’t “do the work”, why should they get the reward?, people live by the bible their whole lives before they and still do not see themselves fit to receive sacraments, but someone who goes to church once a year and doesn’t care about his chosen faith should be allowed to receive one of his faiths greatest sacraments when he chooses? That is not right, that means they see sacraments such as marriage as “trophies”, a simple piece of paper that says they are married to someone, and holds no real connection to his faith. Marriage used to be a sign of a persons religion, but nowadays people take marriage for granted, people of no faith can get married. Hundreds of years ago that would have not been allowed. Religion used to be a sacred thing that people lived by and they worshipped there God in the morning, before meals and before sleep, but now people choose to just eat their meals in front of the television, not bothering to take a few minutes to give thanks to their God who made it possible for them to be alive today. Priests have every right to refuse to give sacraments to people who don’t care about their faith. Being born into Christianity shouldn’t be seen as a burden or a curse, but should be embraced and celebrated. If they do not know the real purpose of marriage then why do they want to get married in the first place?


You could say that it is God and God alone who decides whether two people should be married. You could go so far as to say that if two people want to get married then it is God who planted the thought in their head in the first place, so if it is God’s will, who are we to question it? If the people who do not practice the faith get married, then that may encourage them to become more avid followers of their religion. There are people who live good Christian lives but couldn’t tell you the name of a single Saint, does that make them a bad person? Unfit to receive God’s gifts? It is the same as if a man attends church everyday for 30 years and then goes out and kills, does that make it alright? People don’t have to participate in acts of the faith to be part of it.